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How the breaking India forces, exploit Dalit polity?

The key feature of Dalit activist and political parties’ propaganda has been the depiction of the Vedic dharma and Vedic scripture and its follower as mere exploiters and demonic.

They are in reality playing in the hands of Islamist and Christian missionaries, who have a sinister plan for turning India into a broken Islamic and Christian country.

This is the biggest threat to a multicultural democracy like India, which is a rich nation with a glorious history and tradition.

It is really sorrowful to witness that the Dalit leaders and activists have become puppets of the Islamist and Christian missionary with the breaking Indian forces.

The solution is easy and simple, let the Dalit get back to their roots and learn from their role model and icon like Maharishi Valmiki and Sant Ravi das.The life lessons of Maharishi Valmiki will help us discover new hopes, undiscovered paths, and united perspectives and guide us forward for a glorious, enriching, and empowering Ram Rajya.

“Once upon a time Maharishi Valmiki came to understand the nature of friendship in this world. He was a great robber before taking up the life of a monk. He thought well that’s how I maintain my family.So once Narada Muni came and said, it is a very sinful activity you are in the killing, robbing, and stealing.

Valmiki replied, “Well what to do? I have to support my family, and this is the only thing I can do”.Narada replied “Still this is sinful, you are doing all this for your family member, but you will have to suffer. Why don’t you ask your wife and children that they are sharing the money that you are stealing, will they share the sinful reaction?”

So Valmiki went and asked his wife that I learned that, I will get a sinful reaction, you are sharing the money will you share the sinful reaction, the and wife and the children replied, No.The wife said, “My job is to look after the house, your job is to look after finance”.You do your job, I will do my job, why will I take your sinful reaction.Thus via this story, we can understand that the love of this world is not the real love we are looking for.Real love is the only love for Lord Ram.

Ram has a pure heart, he always thinks of others, always cares for others. If the wife herself refuses to share the sinful reaction of the husband, how can these breaking Indian forces like the Islamist and Christian missionary, think good for the Dalit’s with any motive.Thus this gave realization to Valmiki and he started meditating on Lord Ram and wrote the great epic Ramayana.

Through this pastime of Valmiki, we must realize not to be moved by the mentioned motivated group, who have ulterior motives.The Vedic icon like Lord Ram and the Vedic scripture like Ramayana is the house of knowledge, wisdom, and eternal bliss.

The Vedic scripture can impart the ultimate knowledge, that we are hankering for and will help us to get rid of all the hatred and animosity, which is widespread in society.

It is to be understood that if we sincerely and honestly approach the Vedic scripture with the mood of seeking, we will attain the ultimate unity and love.

Ananda Keshav Das
Ananda Keshav Das
Storyteller in ISKCON international society for Krishna consciousness

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