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King Rinchan and Queen Kotarani

Kashmir was in appalling state when Rinchan extinct the existence of Ramchandra, once upon a time, the Chief Commander and later ruler of Kashmir and the father of Kotarani. The atmosphere of anarchy had engulfed the administration of state and the maverick elements and the rebellions had begun the uprising.

The lack of leadership was spreading the discontent among people and thus, Rinchan appeared as the only alternative available to be the ruler. He too, expedited this opportunity and grabbed the chance and declared himself as the king of Kashmir.

The Buddhism, which was deep routed in Bharat’ s social and spiritual ideology, had begun withering from its connectivity with Bharatiya nationalism. The followers of Buddhism were complicated in anti-national activities and strategised in welcoming foreign invaders that disrupted the integrity of the nation.

Rinchan, too was a Buddhist and hence, it was essential to mould his movements as well as his psyche in Bharatiya perspective. With this pious and generous motive of fulfilling patriotic duty, Kotarani gave sanction of stepping in martial noose with Rinchan.For the happiness and security for people of Kashmir, she took this mammoth decision to tie the knot with the murderer of her own father and thus, created an exemplary example of unparalleled national cohesion.With support and guidance of Kotarani, Rinchan managed to get hold over the Governance of Kashmir.

He restructured the scraggly administration and made rudimentary refurbishment in the army. He successfully controlled the feudal discontent.Kotarani did not leave a stone unturned in providing continual support and direction to Rinchan’s efforts in streamlining the governance.

Kotarani pursued Rinchan with her refined virtues and instincts to convert to Hinduism. She convinced him to accept the idea of nationalist point of view and amalgamate in the main stream of Bharat.Rinchan, too was impressed by Kotarani’s perspective and agreed to accept Hinduism, with duly ordain by scholar Hindu Pundit. But, absolutely unfortunately, the exceptionally brilliant Pundits had lost the longsighted vision and elements of tenet. Their reluctance to adapt to the changing circumstances proved to cost extremely dearly for future.In reality, Buddhism had originated from Hinduism and it existed as the Hindu sect.

This rebuttal angered Rinchan and in furious state of mind, he converted to Islam!!! This one folly wiped out entire spree of efforts of Kotarani to not let any other religion get undue importance in Kashmir. Her sagaciousness in unifying Bharat and her thoughtful endeavours to achieve it, were in vain.Kashmir, the flourishing and fertile land of picturesque beauty, has turned into region soiled with blood and bomb blast, as the result of this unrepairable blunder.Rinchan, took reins of Kashmir, as the Muslim king Mallick Saddruddin, yet his wife Kotarani’s political understanding as well administrative instincts and above all her pleasant conduct, kept him under control. Her polite yet prudent wit motivated Rinchan to curb the internal revolts but he remained in dark about the complot being designed against him, off shore.

Few years ago, the Central Asian invader Dulchu had created havoc in Kashmir. The then king Suhadev had been absconding and had taken shelter out of Kashmir. His brother Uddyandev had eloped to Gandhar. As soon as Rinchan was coronated as king, Uddyandev returned back to Kashmir and began disrupting his rule.

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