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“The word secular is defined in the dictionaries as the belief that the state, morals, education, etc., should be independent of religion. But in India, it means only one thing- eschewing everything Hindu and espousing everything Islamic.” – Sita Ram Goel.

Well, truer words have never been spoken. Today with around 1.2bn and less than 15% population worldwide, Hindus form a global minority with no country to call theirs. While with nearly 2bn and around 25% of the world population as of 2015, the Muslims have 57 Islamic nations dedicated to their brethren, and with a population of 2.4bn, the Christians have over 15 nations with Christianity as the official state religion. 

Juxtapose it with what Hindus have to claim as theirs? The land of Bharata? Well, that’s secular. The temples? They are under government control? The festivals? They are subjected to constant liberal attacks. The holy animal? Well, that’s now been labeled as food.

A land that once stretched from Afghanistan to far away till the Maldives, is now fighting to keep together whatever little is left. Let’s understand that India as a land is not new to attacks or invasions. However, no matter who the intruder, the objective has always been to hit the civilizational ethos to uproot the population from its culture. 

Let’s try and understand the different ways in which India is subjected to a systematic attack only to upheaval it from its reality.

Be it a Ghaznavi from 1025 who attacked the Somnath temple standing tall at the shore of the Arabian sea to multiple desecrations of Hindu gods in 2020, not much has changed. 

From Bakhtiyar Khilji burning down the Nalanda and Vikramshila universities in 1200 CE to an Audrey Truschke hurling choicest of ill-intentioned comments and purposefully distorting the history of Bharata in 2020, not much has changed.

The abomination has travelled far and wide to Hindus settled not just in India but also abroad. Remember, how Rashmi Samant– Oxford University’s first Indian president-elect of the student’s union was attacked for her Hindu roots?

With the ancient land once home to thousands of gurukuls spread across the length and breadth of the country (with only a handful left now) to the same land housing over 24,000 madrasas in 2020, a lot has changed. 

From once the land belonging to Sanatanis to pushing them to being a minority in eight Indian states, a lot has changed.

So what oppression are we exactly talking about? Why does a Hindu asking for his rights become communal? Why does a Rohingya seeking settlement welcomed with unexplained fervor but a persecuted Hindu in an Islamic nation wanting to return back home dealt with toxic hate?

So much so, that a certain community of the Indian population was up in arms to restrict the persecuted minorities from entering their own land. That’s how at least the Hindu minorities in the Islamic nations think of India as. The bloody months of Delhi anti-CAA riots made it clear how there is a clear agenda to drive away anything Hindu from India.  

A Hindu is typically shamed for building a temple on a fresh land, he is shamed for building a temple on reclaimed land, he is also shamed for wanting to build a temple on someone else’s land.

Well, there’s probably someone still shaking at the thought of a Ram Mandir being built on the rightful land as proved through epigraphical, inscriptional and even historical evidence. 

On the other hand, if you try and protect what is already yours, ‘sar tan se juda’ chants will reverberate in the nation with even a 10-year-old participating in it.  

Whereas, the missionaries took just one year to plant as many churches as planned for a period of 25 years. 

Again. Where does that leave a Hindu in India who has inhibited the land being a descendant to the oldest living civilization? 

Today the attack on India is led from multiple fronts, including information warfare, civilizational warfare and socio-political warfare as described by Purnima Nath a public servant and an entrepreneur while talking about India being the only land for Hindus.

Let’s not forget, the attack has been unleashed on the only land left for the global minority after Nepal was stripped of its status of being the only Hindu Rashtra in the world.

So why deny the Hindus their right to call the only piece of land belonging to them as their own?

As Sita Ram Goel described in his book, the game changed when Hindus were preached “all religions are equal but some are more equal.”

And the partition is testimony to it when the Muslim population got an Islamic nation for itself and a special status in India, while the orphaned Hindus are not even granted the dignity to call India their natural home. 

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are personal.

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